6" Satellite Gold Text Globe

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6" Satellite Gold Text Globe

  • Sku: MG-6-STW
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Product Description

Rotating Globe! It's never upside down. This globe is up todate with the current countries which are shown all in a sleek silver. This is functional art at it's best and a great conversationalpiece.

The world's most advanced globe, that rotates silently and isinspired by the earth itself. It requires no power cords or batteries.. .only the natural light of your home or office.

The globerotates peacefully and silently using only the energy of room light andthe force of the earth's magnetic field. This is possible because theglobe is actually an inner globe that rotates and is contained withinan outer shell made of very clear acrylic that does not rotate. Thethin space between the inner globe and outer shell is filled with asafe, perfectly clear fluid that buoyantly supports the inner globecompletely out of contact with the outer shell. This inner globe,floating and turning in a virtually friction-free environment andenergized by light, is analogous to the earth itself. The globe isbeing brought to market at a time when people everywhere willunderstand and appreciate this analogy.

The optical propertiesof the outer sell and fluid are carefully chosen so that the graphicfeatures on the surface of the inner globe are magnified and appear tobe on the outer surface of the outer shell. This means that the outershell actually appears to move. The globe can rest on an attractivestand that is provided, or on just about any other kind of stand thatcan be chosen to complement it's graphic design. The globe appears torotate in spite of resting on the stand, in quiet defiance of commonlyheld ideas about the laws of friction.

A carefully designed, andhighly efficient drive mechanism within the inner globe drives therotation even in room light. Energy for the drive is provided by veryadvanced solar cells within the inner globe, illuminated by lightpassing through the graphic on the globe. The drive includes a magneticelement that reacts with the earth's magnetic field, much as a commoncompass does, to provide torque to drive the globe.

All of theseelements of the globe cooperate to create a beautiful, magical objectthat provides a meditative point of focus to any room.